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It’s KNOT True…Black Hair Can Get Lice!

It’s KNOT True…Black Hair Can Get Lice!

  • Posted: May 10, 2019
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“We do KNOT get lice!” Is what I exclaimed proudly and wrongly, one day when my best friend called me. Earlier, her daughter’s school phoned her and told her that her daughter had lice. We joked and laughed at the thought of them thinking that Black hair can get lice. Words like, “Exactly” “Crazy,” and “Wrong” were words we bantered during our conversation, as we spoke about how ridiculous it was to even think…that a Black child could get lice!

Both of her daughters at the time had their hair styled with medium to large box braids. Thus, in order to confirm or deny the presence of lice she had to remove all the braids and sift through the hair braid-by-braid and strand-by-strand. It was not until she got to the front of the head, that my best friend found the tiny miniature culprits moving in her child’s hair. #Aghast #Shockingly #Stunned…Needless to say our sentiment was ever so wrong, as we found out that Black hair can get lice.

The Lice Myth & Black Hair

“Black’s do KNOT get lice!” Has not only been a myth, it has been a mantra and a staple in the Black community for as long as I can remember. I can recall in first grade when we had a lice check at school…and my first grade teacher Ms. Johnson separated all the Black students and put them to the side with the words, “You do not need to get check, you don’t have lice.” While I watched my classmates, who were not Black proceed to the lice checkpoint.

I experienced utter and complete shock after my best friend confirmed lice was living in both of her daughter’s hair. My lifelong belief in the myth had been debunked. For years, Black hair has been touted as being resistant to lice, because of the hair texture. Our hair texture does make it harder for us to get lice versus straighter hair, yet what really helps is the oil and sheens we use in our hair. Although oil and sheen is not always a lice repellent!

What is lice you ask?

Photo Credit: Elise Gravel

For those of you who are wondering what lice is, let me explain: Lice are tiny sesame like six-legged bugs that affix to the scalp or neck and feed off human blood! *YUCK* These itty bitty creatures lay eggs called, nits, and stick themselves like glue onto the hair, close to the scalp, which makes them very hard to see. Lice is an issue that mostly affects young children who attend day-care, preschool or elementary school. Traditionally, lice spreads from direct to direct head contact between people.

Lice Preventative Tips

  1. Do use hair creams, oils or moisturizers…if possible! These items can be a deterrent to lice getting into the hair.
  2. Do KNOT share personal products with others. Things like towels, combs, brushes or helmets can contain lice and be easily transferred.
  3. Do KNOT ignore symptoms of constant head scratching and complaints of head tingling. Check your child’s head periodically to make certain lice is not present.

Lice Treatment Tips

  1. Do use essential oils like tea tree oil or olive oil, or even butter on the head, after finding a lice infestation. Applying a generous amount of oil and using a shower cap overnight can help kill lice.
  2. Do make sure to wash and sanitize everything that could possibly have lice. Bed sheets, carpet, towels, combs and brushes are all possible hiding places for lice, always wash and disinfect them. Make make sure to vacuum all sofas and beds to help eliminate lice, as these places serves as great hiding spots for lice.
  3. Do be proactive and check the heads of all people living in the house. It is important to let the school and all places the child frequents, know about the lice outbreak, as others may need to be treated.
  4. DO KNOT use any flammable oils like kerosene or flea treatments on your child’s head. These products can be extremely harmful.
  5. Do use shampoos and hair treatments that specialize in treating and removing lice.
  6. Do a search for lice clinics in your area.

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We are KNOT Going Anywhere

We are KNOT Going Anywhere

  • Posted: Apr 10, 2019
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Hair Today & Tomorrow Too...

Toddlers and Tangles was created to be a hair resource, where people can comb and sift through the issues that come with hair styling and hair care for children. The goal and mission of Toddlers and Tangles has knot changed, however the number of little girls hair that I am styling has increased!

Now, a mother of three beautiful and bubbly girls, my tangled hair issues remain the same, just compounded by three. I have to deal with three different hair textures. Three different age ranges. And three different hairstyle choices, which match their unique personalities. My youngest does not have a hairstyle personality or preference, while the other two have clear and distinct styling visions. Sometimes one wants hair beads, while the other wants hair bows or both want hair braids. Kid hair styling has many options and there are endless choices. I want Toddlers and Tangles to be your tool to help untangle and manage some of your knottiest hair madness.

Hair Resource

Toddlers and Tangles is a part of a committed, informative and dedicated group of blogs, Instagram pages and websites created for hair care resources. Yet, Toddlers and Tangles is not only focused on being an information source, we also want to connect you with kid-friendly hairstylists and kid-friendly hair salons. As we understand that finding the perfect one who has the skills and patience to help tame your child’s knots can be daunting. So, we are helping with that task via our list of kid-friendly hair stylist and hair salons.

Ultimately, I want this website to be our home away from knots. Tell your favorite kid friendly hairstylist and kiddie hair salon about Toddlers and Tangles. Rate those whom you have received service from on our website. Provide feedback and tips to our knotty friends. Tell us about your tried and tested hair care solution. Dive deep into our knotty tribulations via our blog. Ask questions via our social media channels. I promise we will be here to listen, share and offer feedback. Thanks for joining us on this untangled journey! Stay tuned and knot free….

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Summer Hair Care Tips….the Hair-Dos and the Hair-Knots

Summer Hair Care Tips….the Hair-Dos and the Hair-Knots

  • Posted: Jun 19, 2014
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Summer hair care tips are important to remember, while your child is having some fun in the sun. While basking in the beauty of the beach, pool and the sun, we can KNOT neglect our little one’s hair. The salt water, sand, sun and chlorine take a huge toll on their skin and hair. During the summer use these summer hair care tips…our Summer Hair-Dos and Summer Hair-Knots.

Summer Hair-Dos

  1. Make sure to ALWAYS…wash your child’s hair after leaving the pool or the beach. Beach sand is itchy on the skin, and on the scalp. You do knot want the sand particles to stay in the hair too long. Also, remember that pools contain chemicals. These chemicals are drying and damaging to the hair.
  2. Remember to — USE…moisturizing and replenishing shampoos and conditioners. You want to add moisturize back to the hair, which was stripped of it from the water and the sun. Let the conditioner sit in the hair for at least five minutes, so that it can penetrate the roots and rejuvenate the hair.
  3. WEAR…a hat. Hats not only protect your little one skins from the harmful ultra violet rays, they also protect their head and hair. The sun’s harsh and hot ultra violet rays can make the hair brittle and dry, and also strip it of its natural color.

Summer Hair-Knots

  1. After your child has finished playing, swimming and splashing in the water…DO KNOT…let your child’s hair dry without untangling it. Once the hair has dried it can become a knotted matted nightmare. Take a moment and use a wide-tooth comb to gently separate the strands. It is much easier to untangle the hair when it is wet.
  2. When dealing with knotty knots…DO KNOT…start at the roots, start at the bottom and work your way up to the roots. Untangling hair from the bottom up is best, as it is reduce the amount of tension on the hair, and makes it easier to untangle hair. Also, put conditioner in the hair when you are untangling it, as it makes the detangling process a lot easier.
  3. DO KNOT…be afraid to apply a leave-in conditioner on your child’s hair before they start their water playtime. Leave-in conditioners can work as a buffer between your child’s hair and the harsh elements of the chlorine and sun.

Using these summer hair care tips will save you lots of time and stress, and put those knotty knots on a timeout.

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To Bead or KNOT to Bead? Kid Hair Accessories

To Bead or KNOT to Bead? Kid Hair Accessories

  • Posted: Oct 29, 2013
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Ever since my oldest daughter began getting her hair braided, her first choice for kid hair accessories were the tiny beads at the end of her braids. A few months after consistently getting her hair braided twice a month, the director at her school told me that she could KNOT wear beads any longer, as they are considered dangerous and hazards to her classmates.

I was puzzled and confused as to what my next kid hair accessories would be. So the week after that conversation, we went bead-less. Upon going bead-less, I found that without the weight of the beads; her hair braids were sticking straight up, giving her the “I have put my finger in an electrical socket” look. Or for the old-school mommy….the Coolio look. I was clueless as to which kid hair accessories would give her hair the finished look, without breaking the school’s safety regulations.

After spending about a week with the “in-shock” look, my sister tied all of my daughter’s braids with a hairband and added a bow to the top of it, and VOILA!!!!…she was back to being my cutest dimpled faced oldest daughter. This tiny kid hair accessory went so well with her braided hairstyle, and was a simple fix to the problem. Since, then I have used different kid hair accessories such as clips, barrettes and hair bows, each doing the job perfectly, and alas making her hair look so very adorable!

I have posted a few of my tried and true favorites. I would love for you to share with me, some kid hair accessories that you have found that have worked well on your little ones braided hair, and any experiences you may have encountered while going bead-less.

Kid Hair Accessories

Bow, Barrettes, Curly Twist, Hair Clips, Kid Hair Accessories

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Why Knot?

Why Knot?

  • Posted: Sep 21, 2013
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As a mother of two daughters, my search for kiddie hair care products and people who know kiddie hair care began after my oldest daughter grew out of those cute headbands for bald babies. I was at a lost for what to do with her hair, and truly desperate for some sound advice and great kiddie hair care tips. I had issues finding hair care products that were kid friendly, natural and not inundated with chemicals. After trying different products, eliminating some keeping others and making up things as I went along…I realized this process was never-ever ending and just beginning.

Then, a few months ago I began my search for a kiddie-friendly hair stylist. I wanted someone who knew how to style children’s hair, was versed in its texture and fragileness, as well as was patient and responsible. During my search, I used some hair stylists who were late, double booked or were a no-call/no-show; and some were on-time, but not great in styling and others were great in styling but just not consistent. Thus, after my daughter went to about 10 different stylists in a span of four months, I knew that I was KNOT the only one having these kinds of tangled issues. I also knew that I could KNOT continue to use my daughter as a guinea pig. I figured there should be one place that listed different kiddie hair stylists and provided reviews of different products. Thus…Toddlers and Tangles was born.

I am not a professional hair stylist nor am I a scientist. I am simply a mother of two, who wants good kiddie hair care products and a great professional stylist. Please know that my goal is to share with you my knowledge, and in turn receive some too…that hopefully will untangle some of this kiddie hair care madness.

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Toddlers & Tangles