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Bonsai Kids Hair Care Products

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Here at Bonsai Kids we represent all kids in the world regardless of skin color, religion or ethnicity. Although everyone has social and economic differences, Bonsai Kids believes we are all one people. We also believe that all parents want the same outcome for their kids—for them to live with integrity, honesty, to help others, to be their personal best and live their possibilities, and be Heros and Sheroes of their communities. Our products are not just a backpack, a flip-flop, or a shampoo bottle; but rather, they are symbols of empowerment for our children. This is the foundation of the Bonsai Sheroes brand.

We work diligently to provide the best products for your children, and we are excited to introduce the Bonsai Kids Hair Care line. Our Fruit Power Shampoo, Fruit Power Conditioner, Leave in Action Detangler and Power Hair Gel are all made with botanical fruit extracts of Blueberry, Raspberry, Cranberry and Blackberry. We not only guarantee an excellent hair care line, we also guarantee that your family will enjoy them too!

Thank you for choosing Bonsai Sheroes.

Be a Bonsai Kid!

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