Summer Hair Care Tips….the Hair-Dos and the Hair-Knots

Summer hair care tips are important to remember, while your child is having some fun in the sun. While basking in the beauty of the beach, pool and the sun, we can KNOT neglect our little one’s hair. The salt water, sand, sun and chlorine take a huge toll on their skin and hair. During the summer use these summer hair care tips…our Summer Hair-Dos and Summer Hair-Knots.

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  1. Make sure to ALWAYS…wash your child’s hair after leaving the pool or the beach. Beach sand is itchy on the skin, and on the scalp. You do knot want the sand particles to stay in the hair too long. Also, remember that pools contain chemicals. These chemicals are drying and damaging to the hair.
  2. Remember to — USE…moisturizing and replenishing shampoos and conditioners. You want to add moisturize back to the hair, which was stripped of it from the water and the sun. Let the conditioner sit in the hair for at least five minutes, so that it can penetrate the roots and rejuvenate the hair.
  3. WEAR…a hat. Hats not only protect your little one skins from the harmful ultra violet rays, they also protect their head and hair. The sun’s harsh and hot ultra violet rays can make the hair brittle and dry, and also strip it of its natural color.

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  1. After your child has finished playing, swimming and splashing in the water…DO KNOT…let your child’s hair dry without untangling it. Once the hair has dried it can become a knotted matted nightmare. Take a moment and use a wide-tooth comb to gently separate the strands. It is much easier to untangle the hair when it is wet.
  2. When dealing with knotty knots…DO KNOT…start at the roots, start at the bottom and work your way up to the roots. Untangling hair from the bottom up is best, as it is reduce the amount of tension on the hair, and makes it easier to untangle hair. Also, put conditioner in the hair when you are untangling it, as it makes the detangling process a lot easier.
  3. DO KNOT…be afraid to apply a leave-in conditioner on your child’s hair before they start their water playtime. Leave-in conditioners can work as a buffer between your child’s hair and the harsh elements of the chlorine and sun.

Using these summer hair care tips will save you lots of time and stress, and put those knotty knots on a timeout.

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  1. These tips are SUPER helpful as we prepare “M” for 2-weeks of swimming lessons. Your blog is AWESOME! Please keep the tips coming…

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