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Toddlers and Tangles is dedicated to serving as hair resource for all things related to kid hair care and kid hair styling.

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Toddlers and Tangles was created to be a hair resource, where people can comb and sift through the issues that come with hair styling and hair care for children. The goal and mission of Toddlers and Tangles has knot changed, however the number of little girls hair that I am styling has increased!

Now, a mother of three beautiful and bubbly girls, my tangled hair issues remain the same, just compounded by three. I have to deal with three different hair textures. Three different age ranges. And three different hairstyle choices, which match their unique personalities. My youngest does not have a hairstyle personality or preference, while the other two have clear and distinct styling visions. Sometimes one wants hair beads, while the other wants hair bows or both want hair braids. Kid hair styling has many options and there are endless choices. I want Toddlers and Tangles to be your tool to help untangle and manage some of your knottiest hair madness.

Hair Resource

Toddlers and Tangles is a part of a committed, informative and dedicated group of blogs, Instagram pages and websites created for hair care resources. Yet, Toddlers and Tangles is not only focused on being an information source, we also want to connect you with kid-friendly hairstylists and kid-friendly hair salons. As we understand that finding the perfect one who has the skills and patience to help tame your child’s knots can be daunting. So, we are helping with that task via our list of kid-friendly hair stylist and hair salons.

Ultimately, I want this website to be our home away from knots. Tell your favorite kid friendly hairstylist and kiddie hair salon about Toddlers and Tangles. Rate those whom you have received service from on our website. Provide feedback and tips to our knotty friends. Tell us about your tried and tested hair care solution. Dive deep into our knotty tribulations via our blog. Ask questions via our social media channels. I promise we will be here to listen, share and offer feedback. Thanks for joining us on this untangled journey! Stay tuned and knot free….


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As a mother of two daughters, my search for kiddie