To Bead or KNOT to Bead? Kid Hair Accessories

Kid Hair Accessories

Ever since my oldest daughter began getting her hair braided, her first choice for kid hair accessories were the tiny beads at the end of her braids. A few months after consistently getting her hair braided twice a month, the director at her school told me that she could KNOT wear beads any longer, as they are considered dangerous and hazards to her classmates.

I was puzzled and confused as to what my next kid hair accessories would be. So the week after that conversation, we went bead-less. Upon going bead-less, I found that without the weight of the beads; her hair braids were sticking straight up, giving her the “I have put my finger in an electrical socket” look. Or for the old-school mommy….the Coolio look. I was clueless as to which kid hair accessories would give her hair the finished look, without breaking the school’s safety regulations.

After spending about a week with the “in-shock” look, my sister tied all of my daughter’s braids with a hairband and added a bow to the top of it, and VOILA!!!!…she was back to being my cutest dimpled faced oldest daughter. This tiny kid hair accessory went so well with her braided hairstyle, and was a simple fix to the problem. Since, then I have used different kid hair accessories such as clips, barrettes and hair bows, each doing the job perfectly, and alas making her hair look so very adorable!

I have posted a few of my tried and true favorites. I would love for you to share with me, some kid hair accessories that you have found that have worked well on your little ones braided hair, and any experiences you may have encountered while going bead-less.

Kid Hair Accessories
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  1. interesting article and much needed advice for mom on the go with kids who can’t sit for long periods of time to survive the pull and thugs of tangled hair

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